What you need to know about refund requests

  • Our refund policy was made to be transparent so your experience is as smooth as possible and gives you a “fair go” by using a baseline standard
  • A refund request will can sent either to Mojomarketplace or Envato Help Team to review.
  • In order to submit a refund request, you must be logged into your Envato or Mojomarketplace account. If you have checked out as a guest, you will need to create your account using the email address that you used for guest checkout. You can do this via the “Create an Account!” link in your post-purchase email or you can sign up from the refund request page or any Envato Market item pages. See “A guide to guest checkout” for more information.


Before requesting a refund

  • Read the item’s installation guide and documentation
  • Check the item’s comments page, as you may find a solution to your issue there
  • Contact us via the Support tab on the item page
  • Ensure the item is being used for its intended function and purpose (check the item description), Eg. is the item meant to be compatible with your WordPress software version?
  • Search our Support Forum for the issue you are experiencing

Theme stores

Browse our premium WordPress themes and HTML Templates at most popular marketplaces such as Themeforest, Creativemarket and Mojomarketplace.

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