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  • Cobra

    £37500 £28000

    The Cobra cuff bangle has been hand carved and faceted, displaying subtle detailing that wraps around the design. A tassel of fine chain strands hangs beautifully and is an elegant feature. The design has been formed to nest and sit on the wearer’s body, responding to the body’s form and natural movement.

  • Dune Ring


    Dune is a twisted silver band with a mix of polished and textured surfaces. The single, gentle twist evokes the image of sand dunes that herald private beaches beyond the rise. A combination of polished and patterned silver allows for a sculptural play of light.

  • Banksia Necklace


    The Banksia Necklace is a boldly textured piece which incorporates a section of Banksia pod in brass, suspended from a silver chain. The details highlight the intriguing elements our native Australian plants.

  • Gumnut Cluster Hoops


    The Gumnut Cluster earrings feature a textured silver wire hoop with articulated gum nut pod drops in brass.

    These earrings are light in weight and display subtle movement.

    These earrings are also available in sterling silver.

  • Gumnut Trio Threader


    The Gumnut Trio Threader features a cluster of pods suspended by a chain which threads delicately throughout the ear. Its surface pattern highlights details of this native plant and resulting in a confident yet delicate silver piece.

  • Banksia Studs


    The Banksia Studs are statement earrings which feature a trio naturalistic elements. A combination of a silver seed garland stud with layers of sliver elements such as a twisted leaf and a highly detailed Banksia pod make these earrings both beautiful and bold.

  • Peak Bangle

    £77000 £64000

    Peak is a bold and contemporary silver bangle displaying heavily textured elements inspired by details and forms in the landscape. Its soft triangular shape paired with a combination of patterned surfaces allow the light to display texture and warmth.

  • Dual Ammonite Studs


    Dual Ammonite Studs are a bold and contemporary earring featuring a double layer of etched relief carvings of the ammonite fossil, whose spiral shape symbolises continual change and evolution. Large brass discs hang from smaller silver studs, their gentle line work evoking feelings of lost relics and jewellery unearthed.