Tangomat ruthenium


This watch is nine-millimeters in thickness, forty millimeters in diameter, with a 316-L polished case. The dial texture is a Clous de Paris piece, with an excellent Japanese Quartz movement ticking silver baton hands around a chic face.

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The Ambassador Heritage 1921

Given his minimalistic mentality and with modernity in mind, our creator drew on watches from this era as inspiration to conceptualize the Ambassador Heritage 1921. Unlike many art deco watches, the interface of our watch is missing the ornateness of a classic wristwatch from the 1920’s; but, this is deliberate. We have logically crafted this piece to provide everything that was beneficial from many popular styles during that year, like the broad spring lug and a deliberately designed wide face.


Both sizes are adjustable to fit a wrist circumstance range between 136 mm (5.3 inch) to 191 mm (7.5 inch).

Size 40:
18 mm lug width (0.71 inch)
237 mm flat length (9.3 inch)

Size 36:
16 mm lug width (0.71 inch)
229 mm flat length (9.0 inch)

The Ambassador Heritage 1921

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Additional information
Case Diameter


Case Thickness


Water Resistance

3ATM (30 Meters)

Strap Material

Genuine Leather

Strap Color

Brown Leather

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  • BLK: outer animal print hair on cowhide and leather
  • ORA: Outer leather, front panel 100% wool
  • Other colours: outer leather and suede

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  • ORA: Outer leather, front panel 100% wool